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The Practice

Some of the High Profile Cases Mark has defended.

State Cases: 

Allegation/sexual abuse third                                                   St. vs Dr. Ito

Murder / Arson / Burglary / Theft.                                           St. vs. Memmer

First Degree Murder                                                                 St. vs. Keegan

Sexual Abuse: State & Federal Criminal Charges                   St. vs. Bentley

Federal Cases:

Drugs-Money Laundering-Racketeering                                 Sons of Silence

Child Pornography                                                                  USA vs. Bentley
Child Pornography                                                                  USA vs. Burke

Sexual Abuse 

Felon In Possession Of A Firearm

Bank Robbery


Narcotics- Money Laundering- Sexual Abuse- Child Pornography- Firearms- White Collar Crimes- Racketeering- Immigration- Bank Fraud- Robbery- User In Possession- and other related charges.

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