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211 Third Ave S.W.

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Notable Cases

Mark R. Brown Law Office
211 Third Avenue Ave S.W.
Cedar Rapids
Iowa 52404

28  Years Of Experience and over Eighty (80) jury trials between the State and Federal Court systems combined between 1993 and 2018. Listed hereto is a brief outline as to some cases that Attorney Brown has successfully defended.



  • Acquittal by Jury, Four Counts Sex Abuse Second - Four Counts Sex Abuse Third.       Muscatine District Court- FECR 049486
  • Acquittal by Jury: Sexual Abuse In The Second Degree-Two Counts: Linn CountyDistrict Court-FECR: 084949.
  • Acquittal by Jury. Sexual Abuse In The Second Degree. Linn County District Court-FECR078599
  • Acquittal by Jury, Indecent Exposure. SCCR078715 Linn County
  • Acquittal by Jury. Indecent Exposure. SRCR 004606 Jones County
  • Acquittal by Jury. Nonfelonious Misconduct, SRCR 076810 Linn County
  • Acquittal by Jury, Attempt To Commit Murder, Linn County District Court-FECR015504
  • Acquittal by Jury, I.C.W.C. Indecent Contact. Johnson County, AGCR095265
  • Acquittal by Jury. Domestic Abuse, Black Hawk County SMCR064262
  • Acquittal by Jury, Indecent contact W/ A Child, Linn County AGCR058359
  • Acquittal by Jury, Sexual Abuse 3rd Degree-Linn County District Court, FECE007502
  • Acquittal by Jury. Assault Domestic Abuse, SMSM 059592, Johnson County.
  • Acquittal by Jury. OWI Third OWCR: 026487 Linn County
  • Acquittal by Jury. Disorderly Conduct-IWOA SMSM 069153 Johnson County.
  • Acquittal by Jury, Felon In Possession Of A Firearm, CR.00072 JEG - N. Dist. Of Iowa 
  • Acquittal by Jury, Failure To Report Abuse, Linn County, SMSM123009
  • Acquittal by Jury, Indecent Exposure, Linn SRCR118707 & SRCR123030
  • Acquittal by Jury. Sexual Abuse 3rd degree, Guilty D Felony/ Linn County FECR 110132.  
  • Indecent Exposure Charge Dismissed  ( Main Charge Dismissed ) Guilty plea simple assault SRCR 085144.

  • Sexual Abuse 2nd Degree, Reduced- Lascivious Acts Reduced to guilty plea/probation.Dubuque County District Court FECR 105841/112147.       
  • Sexual Abuse 2nd Degree, Reduced to D Felony/Probation Linn County FECR 098574
  • Sexual Abuse 2nd Degree, Reduced - Guilty plea to Lascivious Acts. FECR 074305 Linn County District Court.
  • Not guilty.  Attempt To Commit Murder, guilty re: Willful Injury and related charges, Linn County District Court-FECR042100
  • Not guilty. first degree murder, guilty 2nd degree murder. Linn County District Court FECR072962
  • Not guilty. Sexual Abuse 2nd, Guilty Sexual Abuse Third. FECR 002552 Linn County. 1st trial-hung jury. 
  • Sexual Abuse 3rd Degree,  Charge Dismissed, Plea to ACBI. Linn County FECR 108537
  • Sexual Abuse 3rd Degree.  Charge Dismissed, after depositions. Iowa County FECR 011589.
  • Indecent Contact.  Charge Dismissed Plea to Assault. Linn County AGCR 110639
  • Homicide by Vehicle, Deferred Judgement Linn County FECR 121094
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